Vehicle Wrappers Insurance

Insurance specifically designed for vehicle wrappers.

What is vehicle wrappers insurance?

As vehicle wrapping becomes more popular within the sign industry so does the type of cover required.
Traditionally vehicle signage was either, painted on, a temporary magnetic sign or consisted of a small graphic with the business name on.

Vinyl wrapping a vehicle is now more common place and widely affordable to the masses. Applying graphics to the entire vehicle rather than just to specific areas can really make your customers vehicle stand out from the competition.

Whether you are a traditional sign company or even a traditional printer, applying vinyl wrapping to vehicles is something that you can do and with the increasing number of training courses available it’s another specialism that you can add to your sign business.

Whilst vehicle wrapping may just be an extension to an existing sign business there are specific insurance covers that are needed to protect both you and your customers.

Insurance especially designed for vehicle wrappers.

Why do you need specialist vehicle wrappers insurance from Signelite?

  The leading insurance broker for the Sign, Graphics and Display sector.

  An insurance package designed especially for the type of work you do.

  Public Liability Insurance that extends to cover the damage to the item you are working on.

Essential cover when applying or removing graphics on vehicles.

  Comprehensive Road Risks insurance – driving your own or customers vehicles.
Use of heat guns covered as standard.

What type of insurance cover is needed for a Vehicle Wrapper?

Whether it’s your own premises you are working from or perhaps your customers, there are certain insurance covers your business will need.

For example, you could be required to drive your customers vehicles so having an insurance policy which is especially designed for your particular business means that you will get the covers you need for a vehicle wrapping business.

Comprehensive motor insurance for a vehicle wrapper is essential.

If you are vinyl wrapping new vehicles for instance  then you will need to ensure the policy you have provides sufficient cover and on the correct basis.

Comprehensive insurance will give you cover for any damage that you may do to a third party, that being either injury or damage to their property. It will also provide cover for any damage that you may do to your customers vehicle which is essential cover when you have their vehicle in your custody and control.

Third Party Fire and Theft insurance is also available, this gives cover the same as comprehensive but doesn’t have any accidental damage included. When you are dealing with customers vehicles it is advisable to ensure that you are covering any damage to their vehicle whilst you are driving it.

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Are all insurance policies for vehicle wrappers the same?

Vehicles come in all sizes and values and it’s essential that your insurance reflects the types of vehicles that you could be wrapping. If you work on Tractor Units for instance, having insurance that allows you to drive these types of vehicles is important should you wish to move them. As long as of course your driving licence allows you to do so!

Vehicle values are an important area and it’s essential that you understand the value of the vehicles that you are working on as some insurance policies can restrict the value of the vehicle you may drive.

Do I need Public Liability as a Vehicle Wrapper?

Public Liability insurance is an essential cover that every business should have. It protects you against claims where you have caused damage or injury to a member of the public. It covers the defence costs and should you be found to have been negligent, it will pay any compensation.

It’s important as a vehicle wrapper that you have the right type of liability insurance, whether you are working from a customers premises or from your own, not all policies are the same.

When you are applying vinyl graphics to vehicles you have additional exposures that many other types of business don’t.

Damage to vehicles being worked upon is a cover that most liability insurance polices will exclude. When you are applying graphics to a vehicle there is always the risk that you can do damage to the vehicle paintwork or panels. If this is on high value vehicles this could be very expensive and therefore insurance including this cover is a must for a vehicle wrapper business.

Whilst wrapping a vehicle or applying vinyl graphics to a vehicle could be considered a low risk occupation, there are times when you may have to remove wheels or other parts of the vehicle. If these parts are not correctly fitted and damage is subsequently caused to the vehicle or worse, causes injury then defective workmanship insurance is essential.

The signelite insurance policy is designed specifically for the sign industry, it’s perfect for vehicle wrappers, and provides wide cover which dovetails perfectly to your business.

Property Insurance for vehicle wrapping businesses.

When you work from your own premises you should consider insuring the machinery you use, portable hand tools and computers, all of which are essential for a vehicle wrapping business.

In the event of a loss such as fire, flood, storm or even theft getting your business back up and running as soon as possible is very important.


At SignElite we are proud of the fact that we have been the appointed ISA-UK – Insurance broker for many years providing insurance to the Association itself as well as many of their members, in fact well over 100 of them.

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