Vehicle Sign Writer Insurance

Vehicle Sign Writers insurance

Fast Quotes, immediate cover, especially designed products for vehicle sign writers and vehicle wrappers. With the Signelite vehicle wrappers insurance policy – Your Covered.

What is Vehicle Sign Writers Insurance?

Your responsibility to your customer is broad ranging. They leave their vehicle with you, possibly worth many thousands and they are trusting you with it, so you must have the right insurance cover in place.

An insurance policy for a vehicle sign writing business has to cover many areas of risk. There’s your own premises, your contents and liability to think about. Then there is cover for the van itself and of course if you need to move, deliver or collect a customers vehicle, that needs to be covered too.

Why you should speak to


  The UK’s leading insurance broker for the sign, graphics and display sector.

Policies designed especially for the type of work you do.

 Comprehensive Road Risks insurance – drive your own and customers vehicles.

 Public Liability including damage to the item being worked up on – essential when applying and removing vehicle graphics.

 Use of heat guns covered as standard.

Vehicle Wrapping

Why use Signelite Insurance?

Insurance cover is available for your business  from a number of insurance companies. These polices are designed along a one size fits all basis.

The Signelite product is different. It has been built over many years by working with sign writers and sign companies across the spectrum. It incorporates the specialist cover that is needed by the Sign Industry, avoiding gaps in cover that can easily catch businesses out.

We offer a friendly and personal service from a team who fully understand your business, whatever size it may be.

Speak to one of team today we can make sure you are covered as soon as possible.

Essential optional insurance cover for your Vehicle Sign Writing Business

There is a range of additional covers that you can have, public liability insurance is essential, as is comprehensive vehicle insurance, but it doesn’t stop there.

Employers Liability Insurance

As a business grows it’s difficult for the owner of the business to do all the work themselves. At this point you might need to employ people. When you have employees, even voluntary one’s or perhaps people on job experience it’s a legal requirement that you have Employers Liability Insurance in place.

Property Insurance

Working from business premises you need to protect your business contents against risks such as fire, theft or perhaps storm damage. Your wide format printers, computers and associated contents as well as your vinyl stock all need to be covered.

Whilst you might have Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance for use on the road, you need to ensure that your customer’s vehicles are insured when they are inside your premises too.  This would provide your customer with the same level of protection to their vehicle as if it was covered on their own insurance.

Business Interruption

A loss at your premises can have serious consequences to your business, this is where Business Interruption insurance is essential. You are covered for your reduction or loss of gross profit if you cannot work at the premises due to damage caused by a fire for instance. Getting your business back to the position it was directly before your loss is the intention of this essential insurance cover.

Our specialist insurance polies work alongside your business requirements, whether you are a one man band or a much larger organisation we can make your Vehicle Sign Writers insurance work for you, providing the cover you need.

At SignElite we are proud of the fact that we have been the appointed ISA-UK – Insurance broker for many years providing insurance to the Association itself as well as many of their members, in fact well over 100 of them.

With Signelite  “You’re Covered”