Space Heaters

Nov - 26

Space Heaters

As The Festive Season looms – not only are the Christmas lights being switch on….but so are the space heaters !

The Yuletide is fast approaching and it’s no good putting off those inevitable gift purchases and the organisation of Christmas festivities, although, if you are like me, it always seems to come around all too quickly.

I thought I would wind up this year with some handy pointers and things to remember as winter looms and the weather changes. It may be Christmas, but you need to ensure you are safely covered.

Space Heaters

Keeping warm in a draughty vehicle bay is always a bit of a bug bear at this time of year and keeping the temperature at an even level for applying graphics is somewhat paramount, as you all know. You have to optimise the temperature for certain graphics applications or they will probably fail, so it is not a luxury to work in the warm, but a necessity.

If you have purchased a space heater or a similar type of portable heater for this purpose then do make sure you declare this to your insurers. Most policies will exclude the use of portable heaters  unless otherwise declared and accepted by your insurers in advance, especially space heaters!

Make sure that you explain to the Broker the reason for the use of a space heater in the vehicle bay, it’s not just to keep you warm but paramount for completing vehicles graphics applications / wraps. If the Broker is not a specialist in the industry they won’t know why you need to use this heater unless you tell them. If the broker / insurer understands why, they are more likely to agree cover rather than decline it.

Whilst using this type of heater it is also important that all safety precautions are undertaken and adhered to.  Make sure the heater is never left unattended when switched on, a clear area is left around the heater at all times and preferably a safety guard is put in front of the heater. The ground it is stood on should also be level, concrete and clean with no flammables or combustibles nearby. Remember, always follow manufacturers operating and safety instructions when using the heaters.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are covered speak to your Broker or Insurer straight away. Be warm, be safe and be covered!

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