Sign Installers Insurance

Specialist insurance cover for businesses who install signs, fast turnaround, excellent premiums.

What is Sign Installers Insurance?

When you are installing or erecting signs you have many risks, you and your employees could be working at height. You may be using various forms of scaffolding for low level installation as well as cherry pickers or perhaps scissor lifts.

Whether it’s just putting up a new sign for a takeaway, or you are working at heights or installing a large monolith sign where digging below ground is essential, factors such as these must be taken into account when you are arranging your business insurance.

As a specialist insurance broker to the sign and graphics sector, we have been insuring businesses just like yours for many years, in fact we are a leading broker to this specialist and diverse sector.

Sign Installers Insurance

Why Signelite can provide you with all round protection as a sign installer.

(1) Products specifically designed for businesses in the sign industry
(2) No height limits
(3) Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million as standard with options to increase
(4) Optional covers for signs and equipment whilst at site
(5) Cover for plant hired in such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts

What does insurance for sign installers cover?

There are various key covers that you need in place. Whether you are just a sign installation contractor or a sign manufacturer the covers will be very similar whilst working on site.

Public liability insurance for a sign installer is crucial, you will be working on your customers site or at their business premises so its essential that you have cover for any loss or injury you might cause.

Public Liability cover will protect you and your business should you cause damage to something or someone, it will pay the legal costs in defending the claim as well as any compensation that may be awarded. Even if it’s eventually proven to not be your fault, the legal costs alone can be substantial and therefore Public Liability is essential.

Unless you are sole trader and working on your own, cover for your employees is not only essential it’s a legal requirement. Your business involves working at heights and using machinery and power tools therefore if your employee is injured whilst doing work for you it’s possible they could make a claim. Not only will Employers Liability Insurance defend you or your business it will provide any compensation payment to your employee too.

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Do I need hired in plant insurance?

As a sign installer you will at times need to hire in plant, this may be small items such as disk cutters to scissor lifts, cherry pickers or perhaps scaffolding.

Hired in plant insurance for a sign installer will provide cover for eventualities such as theft and accidental damage to the item. In fact when you hire plant it becomes your responsibility therefore it’s essential that you take out the appropriate insurance cover to protect yourself against loss.

Can I insure my own plant whilst on site?

Using your own plant is no different to if you were hiring it, the risks are still the same. Its advisable to take out an insurance policy that will cover both your own plant and any plant that you hire in.

What are the other insurance covers for sign installers?

If you manufacture as well as install you will need to protect your business machinery such as wide format printers for instance. If you are manufacturing complete signs this may include both woodworking and metal working machinery.

Stock cover is essential as is cover for key items such as computers as without which you can’t do your design work and in some cases your machinery needs them to run.

Obtaining comprehensive insurance will protect your assets against many risks such as fire, theft or storm damage.

When you are installing signs, you need to be able to get to site, this doesn’t come without its own risks. You may need other covers such as Van insurance as well as Goods in Transit cover to make sure the signs you have manufactured are protected throughout its journey.

Sign Installers require specialist insurance, speak to one of the Signelite team today and let us provide your business with that cover.