Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Giving advice where Signs should be sited, Project managing, Undertaking site surveys?

You May Need To Consider Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for claims brought against you and for which you are proved negligent in respect of the following;

  Breach of Professional duty or negligence arising from your business activities.

  Unintentional breach of copyright

  Unintentional breach of client’s confidentiality.

Whilst Public Liability cover protects you against damage caused to a third party or third party property, it does not protect you against professional negligence on your part.

Don’t Get Caught Out…

You assist your customer in making a planning application. You make an error with the dimensions of a sign and the planning is granted on that basis. The correct size and type of sign would actually breach planning.

The planning application has to be resubmitted, which takes time and the business opening is therefore delayed causing loss of trade. Your customer could hold you responsible for the loss involved.

You decide to use a certain type of font for a takeaway, the font used looks similar to a famous drinks manufacturer – you may be held responsible for breach of copyright and subsequent costs and fines.

Professional Indemnity cover would protect you and in addition it would also cover the defence costs incurred by insurers for defending the claim.

Ask a member of the team for a quotation today and make sure that you and your company are covered.

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