Money, Remember this stuff, you probably used to have quite a bit of it, we are talking about how it’s used here and not the state of the economy.

Money generally refers to the folding stuff when it comes to insurance, and the lack of it if it gets stolen.

Once upon a time a business had lots of it, your customers would pay you in cash, in turn you would pay your suppliers in cash and probably your employees too.
Times have moved on and although you may have a bit of petty cash, money is something that you might only see passing through an account.

Money Insurance

The sign industry is the same as most modern businesses, you don’t have physical cash changing hands that often. Cover is available for money in various places, all you have to do is decide on the limits.

(1) In Transit and when at your contract sites
(2) In a Bank Night Safe
(3) On your premises During Business Hours
(4) On your premises Outside Business Hours NOT in Safe
(5) On your premises Outside Business Hours in Safe
(6) At your or your Employees Home Premises
(7) Money can also be Non-Negotiable
(8) Currency as well such as cheques, postal orders and similar.

Personal Accident and Assault

No this isn’t for when you break a leg and can’t work, PA & Assault goes hand in hand with the money section and effectively covers you for any accident/injury/assault whilst carrying money to bank etc.

This usually comes in a standard form, the Signelite policy section provides cover such as Death, Loss of limbs, sight etc, the benefits are standard and include covers for Permanent and Temporary Total Disablement and Medical Expenses.

At SignElite we are proud of the fact that we have been the appointed ISA-UK – Insurance broker for many years providing insurance to the Association itself as well as many of their members, in fact well over 100 of them.

With Signelite You’re Covered”