Does my Insurance Cover me to Work at Heights?

Dec - 31

Does my Insurance Cover me to Work at Heights?

Sign Industry – Working at Heights

Signelite prides itself on supplying Sign Industry specific products to customers. Our commitment to understanding the Industry means our products are designed to include those all-important extensions a Sign Company needs including working at heights.

If these key covers are missing it could result in a problem and our case study below highlights this.

Case Study: Working at Heights

A new Sign company approached a broker in their local town to obtain a quote for their new signage installation business .

They advised the broker they would be installing only and would not be undertaking any manufacture. They have employees so Employers liability would need to be included. The broker confirmed this will be fine and proceeded to take details of the company, the wages and turnover.

The quote was obtained and the new sign company went ahead with cover.

The Sign Company began to pick up a lot of work and obtained a contract with a local university to install a number of signs at different heights and some involving the use of a cherry picker.

They rang their insurer to advise they would be working at a 20 meter height to install two of the signs and this would be undertaken from a cherry picker. The rest of the work would be low level signage.

The broker advised them their policy was restricted to a 10 metre height limit only so they cannot undertake installations above this. The client lost the contract as a result.

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