Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers

Management Liability Insurance

Rising regulation and an increasingly litigious society means that you, fellow directors and senior managers face an ever-growing exposure to claims.
Whilst the liability of a company is limited, the liability of a director is not so your personal assets are at risk including your home, car, etc

These types of claims can be expensive and time consuming and, even if you are innocent, the costs of just defending a claim against you can be substantial. The potential personal cost to you, an individual director or senior manager of your company are significant, not to mention the associated costs of reputational damage.

You don’t have to be a Director for a claim to be made against you either – an action can be brought against any officer within a company

What cover can a Directors & Officers policy offer?

Directors & Officers Liability (covers the directors against actions against them personally) – we now advise a minimum limit of £1m although lower limits are available.

The total value of your assets must be covered when considering the indemnity limit required.

Corporate legal liability – provides cover for the corporate body and (generally) follows the same limits as that provided by the Directors & Officers Liability.

Employment practices liability (covers the company & employees in relation to all employment related actions).

As you are aware employment law is constantly evolving and is a complex area. Keeping up with legislation relating to the various aspects of employment law is time consuming and many businesses do not have the resources to do this.

Real Claims examples

Unfair dismissal – £16,000 awarded and £9,875 costs = £25,875

Environment agency prosecution defence costs – £11,076

Environmental Health and Safety at work prosecution defence costs – £5,950

Ex-Directors defence against employer – awarded to directors £13,500 plus cost of defence which exceeded £100,000

At SignElite we are proud of the fact that we have been the appointed ISA-UK – Insurance broker for many years providing insurance to the Association itself as well as many of their members, in fact well over 100 of them.