Computer Insurance

Computer Insurance

Modern signage is far removed from the days of a tin of paint and ladder. Modern signs dictate that you are going to be using the latest software and computers to create them and this technology is part and parcel of your business…

Why do I need computer insurance?

Cover for computers and the software that you use is essential, it not only allows you to create the signs that you will manufacture but in many cases they control the machinery you use to make them too.

Computers though don’t just end with desktop PC’s, they include your servers, laptops and tablets as well as systems for storage. If you use other digital equipment away from your premises these can be easily included too under a computer policy, these may be items such as cameras that you take out with you..

What do I need to include in my computer policy?

Computer insurance can cover all your business technology whether that is in a separate policy or built into your main business insurance policy that covers your contents as well. This all depends what technology you have and how you use it.

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These will consist of items such as desktop computers, PC’s, maybe Mac’s too. All your an ancillary items such as printers, scanners and any specialist equipment. An important part also is all the cabling that is needed. This is particularly important on older systems although in reality communication would probably involve a wireless system.

You also need to ensure that the total value for computers and equipment is the total value to replace ‘as new’

Computer Servers
The brains behind your operation, the server and its associated technology which might include hardware firewalls, switches and routers – again this is the cost to replace ‘as new’.

Software & Operating systems
The days of computer software coming in a box are rapidly disappearing to be taken over by cloud solutions. This said many businesses in the sign industry still use older software which isn’t cloud so these applications need to be taken into account and insurance cover put together for these scenarios.

Computer operating systems are usually standard and are included within the cost of the computer hardware cost.

There are still programs around that came with dongles and software will only function if you have one, don’t forget to take these into account, these can be included in a sign manufacturers or Sign Installers insurance policy.

Portable items, laptops and digital photographic equipment
These can be included in the main Computer insurance policy, they will be covered at your premises location but can also be insured if need to use these away from your business, this may be whilst you are on site or to keep in touch with the office if you are away.

Can I insure my business records?

If you take out specific computer insurance then usually cover for reinstatement of data and the increased costs associated with this. In the modern age of the cloud its very easy to keep vast amounts of customer data including old designs that can be retrieved at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

Is computer data safe in the cloud?

Just like having old styles of backups where malfunctions, theft or fire where the threats to your business, cyber security is now an even bigger problem. Using computers and keeping records whether in the cloud or on servers or PC’s put you at risk from all types of threats. Cyber insurance has become an essential part of your business defense.

Of course prevention is always better than cure, it goes without saying that you should protect your business from cyber attacks by having the latest protections in place and that includes cyber insurance.

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