Specialist Insurance for the Signs & Graphics Industry

At SignElite we are different. We don’t have a call centre and we don’t baffle you with questions which are not relevant to your industry.
We simply ask the right questions to ensure you receive cover based on what you need.

We understand the covers needed by the Sign Makers and Installers and why.
By knowing what you do and how you carry it out, it allows us to provide the key ingredients for a specialist policy.
With our technical and industry knowledge, we can provide the level of cover which is right for your business.

Brokers to hundreds of sign manufacturers throughout the UK.

Products catering for Sign Makers, Sign Manufacturers and Sign Installers.
Signage Industry specific needs with No height limits, No exclusion for use of heat guns and angle grinders away from the business premises and Damage to property being worked upon, all covered as standard.


Meet Annette…

We pride ourselves in delivering 
a clear and friendly approach
 to understanding
the insurance cover you need for your business.

Call and speak to Annette or a member of the signelite team on
01623 397300
, who can guide you through the process  and provide a specialist quotation for you.


Call us on: 01623 397300


Signelite – Insurance for Sign Manufacturers, Sign Makers and Sign Installers

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