Motor Trade Road Risks – Customer

Looking for a policy to cover your own Commercial Vehicles which also provides cover to deliver and collect customer’s vehicles?

Our Motor Trade Road Risks policy for the Sign & Graphics Industry does just that.

The vehicles should be registered in the company name and proof of no claims bonus or previous claims experience will need to be provided at the time of obtaining a quotation.

You will also need to decide which employees you would like to drive for business use only and which will need social, domestic and pleasure use too.

If an employee uses the vehicle to commute in, takes it home at weekends or uses the vehicle for any other purpose other than business use they must have SDP (social, domestic and pleasure) use included.

A motor trade road risks policy can save you money by putting all your commercial vehicles & company owned vehicles on one policy as well as giving you an additional USP for your business in respect of customers vehicles however you must be aware that in the event of a claim the trade value of the vehicle only will be offered by insurers as this is a motor trade policy.

If you add or remove vehicles during the year there is generally little to no charge to do this unless the vehicle is a more powerful or highly rated vehicle in which case an additional premium may apply.

The policies tend to be rated on the number of drivers and the use they require rather than the number of vehicles so you can see this may be cost effective if you need a number of vehicles on the policy.

We will guide you through the cover and obtain quotations based upon your company requirements.