Customer Vehicles

Not as straight forward as you may think.

Having customers vehicles at your premises is quite a responsibility, even if they bring them to you.

You are responsible (despite what disclaimers you may have conjured up), whilst they are in your custody and control and therefore a good lawyer is going to make any loss stick.

Vehicles in the premises are quite simple, as they are in a compound which is in your sole control, we just include these within the policy as we would anything else. Easy bit over, now the tricky bit.

You would assume that as the customer has delivered the vehicle to you that they are responsible not you? They park their vehicle on the road near to your premises; all you have to do is drive the vehicle int your premises.

You have to do this legally of course! Are you covered to drive your customer’s vehicle, unlikely? The driving of other vehicles on your private car policy isn’t really going to help either, just in case you had that one up your sleeve.

The Road Traffic Act (RTA) applies and you must be insured to drive the vehicle. Whilst ever the vehicles tyres are on a public highway RTA is going to apply.  What is termed as “road” under the RTA is quite complex, and boring, so we won’t bother you with that now.

Vicinity Cover

This cover provides comprehensive insurance cover for customer’s vehicles during business hours for vehicles parked or driven within 100metres of your business premises (from where RTA applies)

Why do you need this cover?

Unlike a motor traders road risk policy, which excludes cover for vehicles whilst at your own business premises or in the control of the policy holder this specialist cover does not.

Therefore you will be able to move your customers vehicles in and out of the vehicle bay and also park them in front of the unit or within 100m radius of your business unit and be covered comprehensively to do so.